Language Rights

The Official Languages Act (OLA) recognizes three official languages: Inuit language, English and French. Under this act the following rights are guaranteed:

  • Use of any official language in the Legislative Assembly debates or other proceedings;
  • Use of any official language in Nunavut Court of Justice and appeal court proceedings;
  • Anyone can communicate with or receive services in an official language from the head or central office of any territorial institution, and
  • If there is a significant demand, other territorial institutions that are not head or central offices also have a duty to provide a service in an official language.

If there is a significant demand for a service in an official language, the Municipality will have to deliver services in that official language starting in 2012. Significant demand is determined by:

  • Proportion of the population served;
  • Volume of “language of choice” used by the public;
  • Importance, scope or impact of services in question, and
  • Relevance of the service to public health, safety and security.

For more information on the Official Languages Act click here.