Nunavut, Provincial and Federal Government website links as well as links to non-government organizations connected to language and culture. Other country links will follow.
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Government of Nunavut

Legislative Assembly committee

Government of Canada

This list includes links to the sites of Government of Canada departments and organizations that play a specific role with respect to official languages.

 Non Government – Nunavut



 Provincial governments

Other organizations


Provincial/Territorial or Regional


Using Inuktitut Fonts (PDF)

Installing Unicode fonts and their keyboard (PDF)

The Pigiarniq font can be downloaded from the GN web site at: Inuktitut Fonts

Nunavut Utilities

Keyboard Driver

Nunavut Utilities (PDF)

Technical Guide (PDF)



  • Microsoft Transliteration Utility – Powerful, free tool for transliterating text between different scripts. Includes a module for transliterating back and forth between Inuktitut syllabary and Inuktitut romanization.

NANIVARA – Inuktitut Search Engine. –