Languages Commissioner

Sandra Inutiq

Sandra’s passion is driven by personal observations of language inequalities in Nunavut. She finds her previous advocacy work for various boards and councils on social justice in areas of youth and Inuit rights, useful in her current role.

Sandra studied Inuit History and Land Claim processes through the Nunavut Sivuniksavut program in Ottawa.  She worked for Department of Justice Canada as a paralegal trainee, moved over to work for corrections then decided to go back to Ottawa to study. Just before the creation of the Territory she returned home to work for the new Government of Nunavut. She worked as a Policy Analyst for two and half years until returning to her studies then attended Akitsiraq Law School. 

She received her Law Degree in 2005, and passed her Bar in 2006 after articling: being the first Inuit woman to becoming a lawyer in Nunavut. She worked as a Legal Counsel for the GN for over two years then went on to work for the Office of the Languages Commissioner of Nunavut as the Director of Policy. In January 2013 she was appointed as the Languages Commissioner of Nunavut.