About Our Logo

About Our Logo
We had a number of objectives in the creation of a logo. These were:

  • Uniqueness
  • Inclusivity
  • Excitement
  • Northern

Rather than having pure design elements or overly-used symbols, we also wanted to have a human element to make it more personal to Nunavummiut.We believe we have achieved our objectives.

  • The side profile could be male or female; Inuk or non-Inuk.
  • The drum is not only an Inuit cultural symbol but also one familiar to English and French speakers as a form of communication within their respective cultures.
  • The ripple-design element of the drum creates an impression of sound waves either from the drum or through the voice.

The overall image conveys communication which, after all, is the purpose of language, and the goal of this is office is to safeguard the right to communicate in one of the official languages.

 Logo of the Office of the Languages Commissioner